Friday, February 1, 2013

Sticking with It!

It's hard to believe that January is over! This whole year seems to be slipping away before us.  Unfortunately it is that time of the year for midterms at school so many of us aren't even realizing where the time is going since our heads are stuck in text books and notebooks.  Thankfully, although I have a midterm for every single class, they are spaced out nicely so, a. I can notice that time is going by and b. I have time to actually do some other things in the process. 

I have been sticking to the gym as much as possible and I know it can be easy for it all the wear off after January, but I am going to attempt to stay on track.  I have been doing the classes at the YMCA finding that they are better for keeping my attention and motivation. I tend to get bored easily when I am walking around the gym on my own.  So I have attempted classes such as Zumba, Weight Lifting, Yoga and Pilates to name a few. 

I have also seemed to stay on track with eating.  I am finding if anything the bad calories I am consuming are due to lows. Well, not necessarily bad calories but extra calories.  It can be such a teeter-totter experience when trying to be fit and manage diabetes. It comes down to being your own doctor and making adjustments to your pump.

As far as my mood as been in relation to all this change is good. At times I feel overwhelmed having to manage a lot on my plate, while others times I find comfort in knowing I am taking care of myself. I have a lot of goals in mind for this year and I am hoping to accomplish each and every one of them.


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