Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stress & Rewards

Now that school is back on after a week off for reading week, I have began to realize just how much I have to do before this year is finished with. To even think that it is close to the end of the school year is crazy. It seems as if this semester has been my hardest semester yet, I am feeling a bit like I am losing control of it all when I know in reality I will be able to handle it all.

However, despite having essays upon essays due and tests to study for, I am sticking to going to the gym or going for a walk every single day. Even though my days are packed with classes and meetings and I need allocate time school work, I am finding attending the gym to be a great stress reliever - and this isn't news I know.  There is lots of research that shows this, and I am glad that I have taken the time to find out.

I also don't want to lose focus even though climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is quite the motivation. However, stress does seem to leak its way into our lives no matter what doesn't it? Managing diabetes is whole other full time job to handle as well and I have been very keen on checking my blood sugar and remembering to bolus whenever I am putting something in my mouth - but we also know it's not just diligence that makes the job - there is a lot of overtime needed for dealing with lows and highs that have nothing to do with what we put in our bodies. Stressful!

I am going to attempt to manage it all these next two months (March & April) to know that my summer will be my reward. Which reminds me, in my weight lifting class the instructor put a box of chocolates at the front of the room for us to have one after we were done...she kept saying things like, "for dessert!" as we were sweating and drooling over the chocolates before us. After the class was done, I forgot to even take a chocolate, which made me think how I often forget to reward myself for jobs that I do on a daily basis.

So, for the next two months which are guaranteed to be two stressful ones  - I will keep my eye on the prize and not forget to take it in the end.


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