Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yesterday I had my diabetes education appointment.  I find all of my diabetes life (four years...) I have had hit and miss experiences with the centres. I think part of it has been my own attitude on diabetes - yes I am a positive person, but I am not super woman when it comes to diabetes and part of it I think is just a misunderstanding or lack of connection between myself and the team. Unlike your family doctor who you may only seen once every three years for a physical or what have you. You see your diabetes team quite often and you are likely in contact with them between the visits a well via email or phone calls.  

At my appointment yesterday I was surprised to be greeted by someone else.  I am fairly new to the clinic, so my first assumption was that we don't always have the same nurse.  However, she told me that my original nurse was just away and that she would be filling in for her today.  I knew it was going to be a great appointment before I even entered her office when she said, "I read your blog! Tell me all about your climb to Mount Kilimanjaro!"  It's funny because I was wondering before my appointment what my nurse was going to say about the climb, and then I get a nurse who already knows all about it!

It wasn't until we were in her office that I realized she had an insulin pump on her hip. As soon as I saw that, it all came together and I felt super comfortable sitting in that chair across from her.  Honestly, it was such a refreshing experience being in there talking to someone who totally gets it.  Thankfully, I have been doing well with my diabetes management anyways, but there was something just so light about the entire appointment that left me feeling great.

I realize that not everyone can be diabetic and be a nurse - although that would be a wonderful qualification, but I believe that all nurses and doctors that are looking to work in the diabetes field should deeply emerge themselves into the community because there is a lot you can learn from the diabetes community itself.  My diabetic nurse said something very similar, saying that she likes to read comments and blogs to see what the community wants in their nurses and doctors.

Anyways, it was an appointment unlike no other. I instantly text Vince how excited I was and called my Mom. So excited to go back in May - who knew I'd say something like that!


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