Friday, April 20, 2018


While I've been silent on the blog, I've been steadily busy the past few months. I have found myself working hard at all my ambitions and really focusing on getting things done.  Oh, and I am planning a wedding which is happening NEXT MONTH!  With this being said, diabetes clearly has not been silent the entire time.

I must say though, since incorporating the Libre into my care system doing all of this on top of diabetes has been slightly easier. Not easy, but easier.  I have been finding myself focusing on building routine without letting diabetes interfere in a way that is detouring or destructive.  I am finding myself running with blood sugars that are manageable for the most part which gives me a much more relaxed mind to focus on my goals, ambitions and expectations.

I've had diabetes for awhile now and I have been able to adapt so far, because life is always changing and so are we as people.  We find new solutions and thankfully to new technology we can find ways to really live without feeling defeated.

I've wrapped up a semester of teaching at Fanshawe College and will be putting that energy into writing again and hopefully sharing more moments of my now and how diabetes is trailing beside me as I embark on a new chapter of marriage and all the other moments that will come about.