Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Power of Community

The power of community is unmeasurable. I learned this early on in my diagnosis. I was shown the diabetes community both in real life and online within weeks of my diagnosis and I credit my positivity on that. Knowing people who are going through what you’re going through is incredibly helpful and also very healing at times.  You realize you’re not the only one who may be struggling or feeling drained and you connect over things that others in your life do not

I should have known that motherhood would be the same, it just turns out there are way more opportunities and mothers out there than there are type 1s!  Motherhood is funny because you are literally thrown into it without really being able to prepare. I mean we think we are prepared because we buy the things, we read the books or we do the classes (I only bought the things & totally winged the rest...) but really nothing can prepare you for what being a parent is really like.  Similar to diabetes, you can be the smartest endocrinologist with a strong knowledge of diabetes, but without that lived experience it’s hard to know what it’s really like until you’re thrown into it. .

I consider myself lucky because I didn’t deal with postpartum depression like some mothers do, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have the emotions, anxiety, worry, stress or loneliness that comes with being a mom. Those first few months are rough!  While I had found a few mom instagrammers online (which is both helpful and not helpful) I didn’t immediately think about finding a motherhood community to help re connect me to the outside world, like I said those first few months are rough.

Finding the diabetes community not only changed the way I perceived my diagnosis, but it also introduced me to many amazing people.  I knew that opening up myself to other mothers surely had to have a similar positive ripple effect into my life and surely it has.   It really is community that makes things easier.  Every time we interact with others, we get the opportunity to learn something new, feel a new connection, have an ah-ha moment, re energize or just feel a little less alone in this crazy adventure.

Community is so important regardless of what you may be going through, like that one saying says, “find your tribe & love them hard.”


Friday, January 10, 2020

Setting Goals

January is a month of goal setting. While we are familiar with the promises we make ourselves and how often we set those goals aside after a few weeks, it’s always nice to start the month (and new year) off with a few good intentions whether we are successful or not at keeping them (because we are realistic!). 

I didn’t particularly set out with big goals as I approached 2020 because currently my goals are simple tasks like to have a shower, take a moment for yourself, etc. However, I did have some things I wanted to start in January because of Nixon’s age  and the groove I’ve been in as I learn all about motherhood. 

One of my goals was to eat dinner at the table more.  When it was just Mike and I we would sometimes sit at the table, but would get into the habit of eating on the couch, then comes baby and we literally would eat wherever and whenever baby said we could!   Now that we are starting solids, I wanted to get into the routine of eating as a family together. To me, as Nixon gets older and can chat with us, I want the dinner table to be the place we can all come together.  

Another goal, was to get out into the world and meet some other new moms.  This was made easy because my good friend Andrea gave me a gift card for a monthly pass to a place that does Mama & Baby fitness classes. 

This sort of ticked off two boxes that I wasn’t intentionally trying to which was to workout. Honestly, I make the same promises to myself and I either go all in or I create so much stress on myself it doesn’t benefit me.  Obviously I want to fit back into my pre baby clothes and see the numbers on the scale shrink, but overall feeling good regardless of those things is also important to me. One thing I do hope to do is to get back into running, as I loved running at one point in my life. Luckily there is a group in my neighborhood that I plan to join in April.

Obviously, there are thousands of blogs out there sharing similar sentiments, but that’s awesome. Let’s hope we can keep that motivation that January brings and carry it far into 2020.