Sunday, February 23, 2020

A Book for Us: Mommy Beeps by Kim Baillieul

As Nixon grows more curious, I wonder what it will be like to explain my type 1 diabetes to him. He has already discovered my insulin pump, often tugging on the tubing or grabbing the pump, while I “ta-ta” him for now, before I know it he will be asking questions and I’ll explain! 

I stumbled upon something special online the other week, that made me place an Amazon order right away. A book that seemed so perfect for now, for later, for me and for him. Mommy Beeps by Kim Baillieul is the perfect little book for not only a child who has a parent with type 1, but also for the parent who has type 1.  

It literally brought me to tears reading each page that simply, yet precisely explained type 1 diabetes and all that it entails.  From doctors appointments, to pharmacy visits, to insulin storage and supplies - this book is a must for any child who loves a type 1! 

This book also has beautiful illustrations (Elisena Bonadio) that make you realize this book isn’t just an educational piece, but a beautiful story of the life of a type 1 mommy! 

While Nixon may not fully understand yet, I know it will be our special little book about his mommy. 

You can check it out here: 


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