Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ways to Support

Well, this has been quite the month!  We’ve spent almost the entire month isolated. Since Mike works from home, not a whole lot is different on the home front, but I do miss my routine very much!    We try to get out for walks when we can, because of course Cola also needs to go outside but part of me realizes that soon that could be cut short as the measures get more and more severe - plus the trails and sidewalks were starting to look like the mall with all the people that have no place to go but outside. 

Living with type 1 diabetes, I realize I may be more at risk. To be honest my blood sugars haven’t been optimal because Nixon keeps me incredibly busy (we have an early mover since six months and he’s go go go!) and since my fitness has drastically gone down since we can’t go to our baby and mama classes - it’s just been a bit of a struggle bus over here. Not to mention the extra snacks from being near the fridge all day. 

Since we are all practicing social distancing (or at least we should be!) I wanted to chart out a couple things you can do for the type 1 in your life during this time because to be honest while staying home may sound like a good opportunity to catch up on new t.v shows or rest (unless you’re mom...) a lot of people living with autoimmune diseases are feeling a bit on the edge during this time. 

  1. It’s possible that the type 1 in your life has had delayed or cancelled appointments from their doctors or nurses at the diabetes education centre. While they may have the resources online, they may be struggling with management.  Of course, don’t give them medical advice, but check in with them to see how they’re doing (both physically & mentally) and assist them (remotely) in finding alternatives for care.
  2. It’s likely during this time of self isolation they will need to go to the pharmacy to pick up supplies such as insulin, test strips, sensors etc. Thankfully pharmacies will stay open (of course!) but having them go may put them at risk, instead you can assist them by suggesting alternatives like delivery or if you’re well enough picking up and dropping off their prescriptions on their porch.  Of course this is ultimately up to them and what you feel comfortable doing, but what I’ve found is a lot of people do not realize the amount of delivery options out there for things like medicine, supplies and groceries.                
  3. Grocery stores are insane right now. We’ve been doing online ordering and drive up pick up. It means we don’t have to interact wit any other humans outside of our car!  As a type 1 we need low supplies whether that’s juice boxes, fruit snacks, skittles etc.  I don’t believe these things are high in demand for others, but when we run out of low supplies, going to the grocery store just to pick up fruit snacks may feel a bit silly.  Instead, if you’re heading out to get groceries or making an order, check in to see if you can add a low supply to your list to once again porch delivery drop off.   I think this is a good idea for anyone that is living in close proximity. The less people going to the stores, the better!

Thankfully, I’m not self isolating alone and have Mike to help me.  But there are type 1s out there who are home alone and could use the extra support during a time of uncertainty.   I realize how important it is to at least attempt to keep our diabetes in check despite battling stress, and other entities that come with staying home (possibly child care, work etc.) however, sometimes this is difficult and can seem like an endless pull.   Finding ways to support each other during this will be what helps us keep positive.  


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