Thursday, February 7, 2013

Think About It

I have written about bullying before in my blog post, but I believe that it is a topic that can be written about in an infinite amount of ways. However, my inspiration for this post doesn't come with a diabetes undertone to it, although I do acknowledge that bullying happens to type one diabetics often. Rather, the inspiration of this post is based off of something that my sister has posted on her Facebook wall today that really irked me and got my creative juices flowing straight to the empty white space where I can write it all down, so here it goes:

I feel as though I don't often talk about my family too much in my blog because I live on my own and spend the majority of my time with my roommates and friends, rather than family.  I do often call my mother almost once a day and talk to my sister, Abby on Facebook, but in connection to my diabetes there isn't that much that goes on therefore it often gets left out of my blog. Anyways, a quick description of my family, I have a mother, Donna and a father, Mike and an eighteen year old sister, Abby and I cannot fail to mention my dog, Max.

My sister Abby, is a lesbian which is something I have never formally written down before so it seems strange to write.  I would say that she told us about two years ago and since then I feel as though my family has been very supportive of her and I am so happy that she has that because I have heard the horror stories. However, having a supportive family does not always mean the world is going to be supportive as well.  

This is like anything, not everyone is going to appreciate the person that you are.  Like the internet trolls will tell you, you're either too fat or too skinny, too blonde or too brunette, too stupid or too nerdy.  We are all human yet we tend to find the things we don't like about each other before we pick out the best qualities of one another.  It's a strange world we live in and from personal experience, I have heard insult after insult, but at the end of the day I have to look in the mirror and tell myself, I am beautiful inside and out.

I guess before Abby told us that she was a lesbian, I had no opinion either way of homosexuality. I was not against it, just like I am not against heterosexuality.  I made no judgements on anyone in that sense knowing that if someone is happy then let them be happy.  After my sister told us, I became a little more sensitive into what others said and man people can be mean!  I guess I was being biased because before I knew about my sister I knew that kids were being bullied - yet I didn't truly feel their pain in my heart, now when I hear things like that it breaks my heart to think that my sister could be going through the same pain.

Abby has told me stories of people at her high school, and recently the status she just put up about a random man that biked past her on her way to work. It only makes me wonder what kind of world we are creating for one another. We are at such an advantage with the education we have, the technology. We all have such the potential to make a big difference in this world, yet there are still people out there that are bullying others for what reason?

I even experienced bullying on this very blog page. A blog that I started for my own diabetes therapy, that now I also use to inspire and help others.

I guess what I am getting at, is if you're reading this now and you really want to use all the good power inside of you then be an anti-bullying advocate today and forever. Don't let others say mean things, don't say mean things yourself, if you see something mean on Facebook speak up.  Positivity is contagious so be a leader and start changing the world today.



  1. Good job Kayla! Your parents must be very proud of you and your sister! You are both obviously very strong young women and have a wonderful relationship with each other and your family. My guess is that 'the haters' don't come from the loving environment that you and your sister have. Sad for them. Happy for you and Abby! Hold your head up high Abby and don't let the haters get to you! :)

  2. Your hair was nicer when it was brown. It suited you skin tone well. Honestly way nicer, and some ppl might even call the color you had dark blonde. Well at least hair dye companies call that dark blonde sometimes. At least a darker more golden blonde would look better. Your hair color does not look natural honestly.
    Also your pictures are nice but a lot of them show cleavage. This blog is very professional. Think of sixuntilme she posts a lot of pictures but she never shows cleavage, (and she is a darker blonde coincidently)