Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Driving Diabetes

Driving with diabetes is something that can be more terrifying the more you think about it.  While the facts are that if you are prepared and keen about checking your blood sugars you should be able to keep peace of mind behind the wheel.  On occasion I have had to pull over to treat sudden lows.  Luckily, I was prepared on all occasions, but sometimes if I pulled into say a truck stop, I would take the opportunity to get something good to treat my low like an over priced chocolate bar.

The key to staying safe is being alert of your blood sugars.  Of course we all know that sometimes lows and highs happen, but if you can try to be alert in the sense of recognizing them or at least checking every now and then (depending on the length of your drive) that can eliminate the surprises along the way.   For me, I keep a bag of candy in my centre console. I keep it there (and thankfully forget about it when I am of normal blood sugar) because if I ever need something quick I know it is there.

I always make sure I bring my meter with me in the car. If it's not in my purse then it is in my backpack.  I haven't really thought about keeping one in the car, but I am curious if the weather (extreme cold and the extreme warm temperatures) would some how effect the meter. Either way, I am sure to bring the trio along. I also make sure that if I feel different for any reason I pull over and check. I have had to pull over on the highway, pull into truck stops and into store parking lots to see if what I was feeling was true.  Sometimes it's false alarms and I can continue to drive, while others I am so grateful that I stopped for.

Accidents happen regardless, but it's important to make sure that diabetes isn't the cause.  If you're not going to check at all during the day at least check before you're heading into a car where you can really do a lot of damage to yourself and others if something were to happen.



  1. The temperatures will screw up the meters and the strips so its pointless.
    I keep rockets in my car because they are gross yet will put up with extreme hot and cold temps.
    cute pic!

  2. Diabetes is hard. So hard. It's completely normal or unexpected to feel crappy like this sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes. Keep your chin up, and focus on progress, not perfection. You can do this.