Friday, February 8, 2013

What Makes You Happy

Lately I have been on a kick of finding happiness. I guess, after reading The Happiness Project last year I have always had it in the back of my mind about what little things I can do to make myself happier. It's incredibly easy to fall into such a slump when you let the idea of happiness slip away from your train of thought.  First of all, it can be hard to get in a 'happy mood' when it's below zero outside and the snow is up to your knee caps; however, finding sunshine in a snow storm isn't impossible.

I have found going to the gym has been a great mood enhancer. It isn't always easy to get up and go  - once again when you have to brush the snow off your car and wear warm clothes to the gym... it can be daunting. However, once I get to the gym I am always enthusiastic about being there and feel a lot better afterwards.

Another happy pleasure is tanning. Yes, I know it's bad for you.  But, if you can put all judgements aside let me tell you that it makes me feel good. I feel less pale and ghostly and the fake sun makes me feel like I am on a ten minute vacation away from the miserable freezing temperature just outside the door.

Something else that has been making my happy is reading for FUN.  I tend to do this in the summer because I am not swamped with lecture material and course chapters to read, but I do miss it during the year. So, I make time to read for my pleasure just before bed or if I am obsessed - like I was with Life Of Pi then I read whenever I have free time.

Lastly, is I have been attempting to blog every single day (for February) because writing is one of my biggest passions and because I have this outlet I don't want a day to pass where I didn't give myself the opportunity to write. Plus, I know when I look back - the more I wrote, the more I will remember and know about exactly the person I was in that time frame.

I think it is important to be happy, so very important.  I know that having a positive outlook on life will truly change how you live your life and how you manage diabetes. Being happy about your life will and always will be the best choice you make.


  1. Unlike most people, what makes me the happiest is lots and lots of snow and gray days. I get very depressed with icky sunny days and blue skies (shuttering here). I don't like below zero temperatures, but where I live that doesn't happen too often. We also don't get much snow. I'm lucky if we get a snow fall of more than 5". I have a picture I cross stitched that has lots and lots of snow. Plus on my desktop is a winter scene. So I get my snow that way.