Saturday, February 16, 2013


It's great to see the sunshine outside today. It's funny how living in Canada (and I am sure a few other places) how winter can be such a daunting time.  I mean, don't get me wrong the snow if beautiful but after a few dark and gloomy days it starts to bring you down.  Now that the sun is coming out (even though it is still cool out) I can sense myself getting to itch to get things done and let's be honest I have  a lot to get done.
I got a call this past week about an appointment to see my nurses this coming week.  Of course, I didn't write it down thinking I would remember, but now I have to dig through my stuff to find when it is.  I totally forgot that it was coming up and now I am worried that I haven't logged my numbers into my pump as much.  You see, I use the USB meter which isn't linked to my pump, so often times if I am just checking and not taking insulin I don't put that number into my meter (because it's an extra unnecessary step, that is unless you're seeing your nurse. 

I am feeling like my a1c should be much better than the last, but I don't want to completely get my hopes up because diabetes has its way of letting you down sometimes. But, I have been paying close attention to carbs and I have been working out and taking care of myself, so fingers crossed for that! I am also excited to tell them about my adventure, of course! Even though I think they will think I am crazy.

With all this sunshine and a week off of school I am ecstatic about hopefully crossing things off the to-do list as well as meeting with some friends.  Here is to a week full of sunshine and things getting done, also hope to find a trainer that is perfect for me!


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  1. I laughed when you said " after a few dark and gloomy days it starts to bring you down". There are some of us that have reverse seasonal affective disorder. We don't do well with sunny and blue skies. We are effected similarly to how those of you who dislike the beautiful gray snow-filled days of winter. I have it worse, because the part of Michigan I live in, we don't get much snow. We rarely get a snowfall of more than 5" and we rarely and I mean rarely keep it on the ground for more than a week.

    Today is a very depressing day for me. The skies are yucky blue and the sun is shining brightly. Summer time is just horrible for me.

    Just thought you should know.