Monday, February 4, 2013

Low Blood Sugar, High Anxiety

In the past month or so I have been experiencing severe lows and by experiencing I mean seeing the number on my meter. Other wise I had no idea that I was as low as the number flashing back at me.  Luckily something inside me told me to check, or something externally perhaps.  It seems in all cases of the severe lows I have had a strange anxiety overcome me. 

I would be doing whatever I was doing before checking, like walking to class and I would feel as if everyone was looking at me.  Not in just a passing by way, but as if something was on my face, or I forgot to put on pants! That look like something isn't right.  The first time I experienced that I kept rubbing my face thinking maybe I had something on it. I even brushed down my hair with the palms of my hands in case maybe my hair was sticking up.  It wasn't until I  had enough of people looking at me that I stopped, pulled out my meter and checked. 

After this incident I started thinking about it more. I wondered if maybe I was walking weird and that is why people were looking at me? Or maybe I was pale in the  face or looked confused.  But, then I started to think maybe it was just the low blood sugar playing with my mind.  Making me feel strange just as alcohol would do.  Often times we are told that lows can be a lot like being drunk and my mind was definitely at a strange state all of the times I was really low.

People experience all kinds of different symptoms when they're low however.  For some shaking and sweating is guaranteed while others feel just a strong sensation of hunger. It's really interesting to me to see how different lows feel.  I think I had really gotten used to certain symptoms and for them to change or not even appear as soon is a really interesting concept.  


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  1. The longer you've had juvenile onset or type 1, the more your symptoms for being in an insulin reaction (low/hypo) can change. If you're a woman, that adds even more due to the monthly hormonal changes That's why it's BEST to always carry some sugar containing food item with you. I always have lifesavers and/or a tootsie pop (sucker) in my purse. Now that people can have more than one meter is great too, because you can test to make sure.