Sunday, January 22, 2012

What did you do?

Unlike any other doctor appointment, when you have to see your diabetes team or your endocrinologist at the hospital you find yourself thinking a weeks in advance what you need to do or stop doing.  For me, I  think about these things, but don't really do this because I find before I know it, my appointment is in two days and it's too late plus I find it really, really hard to break habits that have formed while not feeling, 'under pressure.'

I enjoy seeing my diabetes team and I know that they aren't judging me too harshly when they upload my pump and check out my numbers.  I just find it a little bit of a strange feeling, as if I asked them to weigh themselves for two week and record what they were eating, then uploaded their scale and pin pointed where they fluctuated and tacking on the end, "hmm, what did you do that day to gain two pounds?"

The two weeks before you go to the doctor/nurses you are thinking about what they are going to look at. You wonder if they will notice you only checked your blood sugar a couple times instead of four.  You are hoping they don't ask you why your blood sugar was high that one day because you couldn't really figure it out either.   The two weeks before your appointment seem to be the snapshot of your whole year - even though you know that isn't fair.

I think my biggest advice for just before you head to the doctors or nurses is just make sure you are prepared to be a good advocate for yourself.  You know what it is like to live with diabetes the best and you know what kind of week, month or year you've had.   You know that you are doing your best to stay healthy and if you need that kick to get started, you'll find it.

I've heard sad stories about nurses or endocrinologist not being available for help; rather, they put their patients down.  I am very lucky to not be in that situation and I am also glad that I know how to stand up for myself when it comes to my diabetes management.


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