Saturday, January 21, 2012


Every now and then we like to pamper ourselves, whether that is getting our hair done, nails done or something as simple as sleeping in.  For me, I am bound to be at the hair salon once a month, but that is because blonde just may not be my natural colour. But, other than that every now and then I like to do something for myself and feel OK about doing it because I am diabetic and I know it is important to look after my feet - this is only reason I am OK with paying $45.00.

The important thing about pedicure is that is gives your feet a break and a good hour of circulation.  Being diabetic, your feet are the last to get taken care of and that is why you hear about the horror stories of amputation and why your doctor may yell at you when you come in for an appointment and you're wearing open toe'd $5.00 flip-flops.    For me, I am always painting my nails, but not really doing the dirty work as far as getting rid of dead skin, filing etc.

Usually I go to the same person to get my nails done because I don't really trust too many places out there.  But, since she wasn't around I tried out someone new.    I knew that this was going to be fine, but I began to think of how to bring up that I was diabetic and most importantly wonder if she would know what that entails. I am not sure what they teach in school; whether or not they talk about 'diabetic feet' or not, but I was prepared to give a mini briefing.

It was pretty simple because she did in fact know what the procedure was and it opened up a nice conversation about diabetes.   She knew that she would have to be careful for any risk of drawing blood etc. All the important things that should be known when a diabetic goes into a beauty salon.

All and all I came out with relaxed feet and most importantly a nice coat of pink nail polish.


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  1. hmmm... this is curious. I've gotten a bunch of pedicures but never have I ever thought that they need to know I'm diabetic.
    It usually just doesn't come up.
    kudos to you for looking out for your feet