Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sleeping Diabeauty

You've pulled the covers up to your chin, fixed your pillow a couple times and managed to peel off your socks using only your feet - you are off to a good nights sleep. The only thing now that will wake you up is that sudden 'I have to pee' urge or your stupid alarm clock buzzing at 7am. This is the scenario for most when it comes to bedtime routines; however, for diabetics that would only be the beginning.

As a diabetic you check your blood sugar, realize it's a little on the low side so you wander to the kitchen to grab a totally unwanted snack. You finish half of it then climb into bed deciding whether you are going to attempt to sleep with your pump tucked in your pajama pocket or let your pump run free. You decide free.

Next, you pull up the sheets and blankets over your body and adjust your pillow (whoa, your like a normal person) oh wait, you realize your pump just vibrated.. Why did it do that? First terrifying thought "please, oh, please don't tell me the resivior is low...." you look, nope just pressed something I guess.

Finally, your off to dreamland - you think. But, now your rolling finding a good sleep time position. On your side, on your back, front? Either way you've now have been tossing your pump back and forth, up and down, just to get comfortable. Then, either your mind falls asleep or you just don't care that a plastic box has found shelter in your side - you just fall asleep anyways.

Of course, your going to wake up to pee and your all of a sudden feeling like being diabetic has its perks as you glide with ease down the dark hallway with the light of your pump leading the way. Well, hey there has to be something good of it all!


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