Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ten Thousand

Well it's official I have reached over 10 000 individual views on my blog in less than three years.  It seems that in the past year my blog has really taken off with over a thousand views a month.    I can hardly believe that I have reached the 10 000 mark, but when I hear such positive feedback I know at least I have done something right.

I started this blog in March of 2009 and had no idea where it could really take me.  I didn't know much about blogging, but I knew that I was interested in writing.  I'm glad I had decided to take the wonderful public on a journey with me through the life of a diabetic.  I think it has given some people a new perspective on life unlike no other.

Living with diabetes is normal for me.  I know that my roommates aren't taking insulin injections or checking their blood sugar, but I do know that I have a bunch of friends that are.  I know that despite being the only diabetic in the room most days, there are always diabetics just around the corner, in the next town or just a click away.

For me, my blog has allowed me to connect with people all around the world.  Those that are living with diabetes and those who love diabetics.    It has given me amazing opportunities to reach out and take my diagnoses and mould it into something that is unusual, yet positive.  I have given myself a voice and strength to go about my mornings, afternoons and nights feeling O.K about my diabetes.

The best thing is that as I reached 10 000 I knew that there were at least 10 000 people who have given me a chance. Checked out what it is like to live with diabetes in college, go out and party and date.  All the answers that you aren't going to find in your doctor's office.

10 000 isn't the limit, I cannot wait to see it grow and reach new heights much like my life with diabetes is growing and reaching new heights.  

Thank you all to my readers who have supported me thus far.  I can assure you that big things are to come!


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