Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sexy Pump

I think one of the worst things about having an insulin pump is wearing it.  I think that is what took me a year and a bit to even consider looking into one.  Everyone told me how great it would be, you wouldn't have to take needles every single day and with one or two presses of a button you could be giving insulin like no one's business.  

When I decided to go on the insulin pump, I stopped worrying about where I was going to hide it for a second. I realized that I needed to take advantage of new technology like I do with my mac book or iPad.  I mean, if I am willing to carry an iPhone with me 24/7 I think wearing a pump is manageable.  But, what divides your cellphone and my pump is that stupid tubing that hangs about.

The tubing that gets caught on anything it can find, door handles, seat belts, your clothes, in the couch... whatever it wants.   Eventually, you get used to a swinging pump and even yesterday my pump flew from my pocket and hit me right in the knee cap!  It's an aggressive little device.

But, most of the time when you are wearing your pump you've found a good place for it to be comfy (at least to a diabetic's standard.)   But, those times when you want to go out on the town, and wear a nice dress that is when the challenge between looking good and being comfortable divides. Let's face it, a pump in the bra looks good (sometimes) but it is not comfortable.

I slowly got tips from other diabetics when I realized that their pump wasn't always hanging on their pants and their tubing wasn't hula hooping around their waist.   I often wear my pump in my bra (tucked near my armpit) but sometimes you have to experiment with where to place your pump depending on what you're wearing.

You've got your nice black dress on, your black heels, your beautiful flower earrings, a nice long necklace and your sexy pump.


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