Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome From Slipstream!

Challenge Course - PineCrest YMCA Camp
Hello from slipstream! It's the real kick off now that everyone has arrived! The first day I had a great opportunity to be apart of the ambassador program run by Connected in Motion! This was great because it gave us an opportunity to talk about our skills and most importantly connected with others and share ideas about new events for type 1's and the 5.5'ers!

Today was fun because in the morning we got to enjoy the challenge course and push our comfort zones. For me, I'm always willing to try something new and these opportunities are rare (at least for me!) The course was high and it does look impossible from below and above; however, once you are up there and have the support of everyone else scattered around you - the course begins to look a little more possible (just a little more...)

Later today the rest of the slipstreamers came! It was great to see familiar faces, but also meet new faces or people who I've seen online! It's amazing to me to hear what everyone is up too! All of these amazing type 1's travelled long distances (in some cases) just for a weekend. But, it really isn't just a weekend - it's so much more!

It's truly only the second day I've been here and I can already say that I'm 100% satisfied with how this weekend is going. How amazing is it that as I write this someone is checking their blood sugar while another is treating a low (not amazing, but to be the norm is nice!). Everyone here is just like me. I see tubing hanging from pockets and test strips on the floor. Life is good!


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