Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This winter's new accessory is a classy insulin pump. It can be worn anywhere you please, in your back pocket, in your front pocket, in your bra, or strapped to your arm or leg.  You can find them in a variety of colours from purple, blue and clear and don't worry you can shop around because there are about at least three brands to choose from.   The best part is that if you're an Ontario citizen your new accessory is paid for or else you'd be forking over thousands of dollars to look this good and that stuff that comes with it - well it's all part of the look.  So, start shopping around and if you've not being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes yet, you may want to work on that.

I went back to classes yesterday, but since I only have one class on Monday it feels like today was my official day back with a whopping 4 hours of class.    Today was the only day of school that I actually had a different class than first semester and to make it even more exciting it was at the Brecia campus (which is nice because it is much closer to my apartment.)

But, either way the real excitement of the class is when I realized that insulin pumps are definitely making a scene in the fashion world, like who doesn't want to sport a nice plastic box with 23 inches of glorious tubing.    In class, there were three pumps (including mine.) Three wonderful diabetics wearing their pumps showing the world that pumps can be the next best thing since Coach made wristlets.

Now, I haven't made my move yet. I haven't approached these (soon-to-be-diabesties) however, I will because while I know that there are diabetics out there that are not interested in talking to other diabetics, there is a good chance that they are. But, these two diabetics were sitting beside each other, so if they haven't made the connection yet, I wouldn't mind being the one that does it.

Either way, these girls made me proud to show off my pump as I pulled it from my back pocket and sat it on my lap (two reasons: just in case this intrigued either of them to approach me and the next, it's not so comfortable sitting on your pump for 2 hours) So, let this be a reminder to all you pump wearers or to those that are looking at getting an insulin pump:  you may not see them all the time, but when you do, know that you're not alone and that your pump really enhance your winter fashion...right?


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