Monday, January 30, 2012

Diabetes Pride

Quote I wrote during Hot Topics at Slipstream 2012
What good can come from the thought of pricking your finger and wearing an insulin pump 24/7? What good can come from taking daily injections and carrying low supplies with you at all times?  To many, this is a huge burden and the thought of being diabetic is depressing and unfair; however, if only they knew the support that is out there and how easily you can turn from hating diabetes to loving it.

One of the most prominent things I heard said during the weekend was that we were all proud to be diabetic.  I am sure at first the camp staff were confused: why would a bunch of T1's gather and laugh, play and dine over the fact that we have a disease; however, I am sure by the end of it the camp staff realized, WHY NOT?

It isn't that we are happy that our pancreases went on a forever strike, it is that we were able to pick ourselves back up again and see life in a new light unlike many others. We realized that it is important to find that balance between diabetes and happiness and the best way to do that is to be friends with other diabetics, spend a couple hours with them every now and then and never lose that connection.

Everyone was proud to be diabetic because it was normal to have tubing hanging out of your pocket and it was normal to find blood sugar strips scattered around the floor that were not yours.  All of a sudden the 5.5'ers looked like the 'different' ones and and all of the diabetics seemed to be able to breath and know that they did not have to explain a single thing as they stepped aside from an activity to eat a few carbs.

On the way home I was in the car with two diabetics who I had became quite close too.  We were laughing per usual almost the entire way home and then I just shouted out, I LIKE BEING AROUND TYPE 1'S BETTER!  Of course, I was joking - sometimes it is nice to be the only diabetic in the room, but at that moment and after that great weekend I realized just how much fun it is to be with these people.

I realized that I would have never met such amazing people had I not been diagnosed - and that has become almost a scary thought. I love all of these people that I have met and the stories that they have shared with me, will always be my inspiration to keep on moving, checking and pumping.

I'm proud to be diabetic.


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