Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things We Say To Our Pumps

Everyone talks to objects that aren't able to talk back. It's our way of expressing how we feel like when the computer randomly shuts down, we stub our toe on the coffee table or our key gets stuck in the front door. Some diabetics have choose to be hooked up to an object 24/7 and therefore there are times that we are talking to our pumps. 

What do we say?

1. Please don't rip out!
2. Shut up!
3. Why are you beeping?
4. What do you want?
5. Seriously, I just want to go to bed!
6. Seriously, I just changed you!
7. Why do you insist on wrapping around door handles?
8. K, you can just hang there for awhile....
9. I'll deal with you later..
10. Low reservoir...
11. Low battery...
12. Really?
13. And where shall I hide you?
14. Stop vibrating ... I know you're there.

and the one thing we really should say, 15. Thanks for saving my life your annoying piece of plastic! 



  1. haha!!!! Totally agree with you there!!! I talk to my pump like it is a part of my family ;P

  2. This is my favourite post. Its funny that the smallest things in life usually are the things to drive us the most crazy but are also some of the most important.