Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Who knew that one disease could do so much?  I am not talking about the damage it can do to your pancreas, or the anger it can cause you, or how easily it can wake you up at night.  I am talking about the positives that come from being diabetic.    The things that keep me writing, or keep me checking my blood sugar, the things that bring people together... all this stuff from one little disease called Diabetes.

This week has been crazy.  I got interviewed by the Londoner (A Local Newspaper) and I am all set to go on Rogers TV on Friday for my first TV interview.  All of this comes from one simple thing I did after being diagnosed - I blogged!    Now, being a writer sometimes you can't just sit back and hope that someone sees your work - you need to let the world know and I have been lucky enough to have had many opportunities to share essentially, my life with people all over the world.

But, beyond the media, I am actually overjoyed at how many type 1's I've connected with in the past couple weeks.  Today, I approached the trendsetter I talked about last week and we ended up talking away three hours at my apartment about diabetes and more.  It was nice to have someone right there to talk to and I think she enjoyed it as well.

Diabetes does suck, but there is so much that can come from it. It really shows that you can take  something that is dull and make it shine!


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