Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding Happiness

We all want happiness in our lives. But, it's so incredibly easy to feel like happiness is impossible, or temporary.  Unfortunately, even those that appear to be happy, often have some days where they wish they could sink back into bed and forget about things.   Diabetes like many other obstacles is one of those diseases that tries its hardest to take over and maybe make it more difficult to find happiness.

For me, I never really think about what it would be like to not be diabetic, and if I do it is really brief, because I know that thinking this way isn't going to get me very far.  Since I am not a scientist, I am not going to be the one to cure my diabetes; however, since I am a writer and appreciative of the life I am given,  I can be the one to temporarily enjoy my diabetes in the meantime.

I'm still riding the stream of motivation that I got from Slipstream.  I know that there are girls and guys checking their blood sugars as I write this, some are changing their pump sites and/or cursing at their pump. But, despite all the checking and potential cursing we are all somehow finding happiness in our lives.

I have heard stories from 50+ diabetics this past weekend that prove to me that living with diabetes and being HAPPY is possible.  You can laugh until your pancreas starts kicking in' (or not...) and you can party, dance, joke, stay up all night and most of all smile.... and still live with diabetes.


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