Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Order

Graffi Wall - Slipstream 2012
This weekend really puts life into perspective because for once in a year, I'm the norm. There are blood strips on the tables and floors and meters scattered around. There are beeps and vibrations sounding and everyone is checking their insulin pumps.

I'm surrounded by 50+ diabetics, all type 1. They are all here for many different reasons, but despite the variety - it's just important that they came. I'm learning so much about my diabetes, yet I have been living life with diabetes for almost three years now.

But, as the night winds down I realized one thing that I knew all along, yet never really thought out. Diabetes is about good blood sugars and insulin; however, diabetes is also about taking control of your life and being the best person you can be. All aspects are important when dealing with diabetes, but the inspiration is what gets all those things in order!


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