Monday, October 19, 2009

Work it Out

I decided to get a gym membership here at Fanshawe. I have one back at home, but since I live in London now, I finally decided that it would be best to get a gym membership here.

At first I thought that I wouldn't need one because I would be so busy and I am only here until April; however I realized that I am not an average person, and physical activity is pretty important when being a diabetic. How does something like that slip my mind?

I haven't been getting much physical activity living in residence unless you count taking the stairs. The odd time I will participate in work-out videos with the roommates but ultimately, I need something that will help regulate my sugars a little better.

I gave in today, and I woke up feeling miserable. I knew that I needed to begin something because the more I sat around, the worse I felt, not to mention the harder it was to manage my blood sugars.

It was much more expensive here than at home but I think this is a good investment. I am looking forward to getting back into shape and possibly helping my diabetes a little bit more than before. I am not going to keep relying on insulin injections to make high sugar go away, I will put forward more effort.

It may be hard to work around my schedule but I think that I can manage. After all we're talking about improving my health here!


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