Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not Off the Menu !

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly and surprisingly I am not dreading being faced with piles of mash potatoes and pumpkin pie. I've learned already that those things are not off the limits. I think that as soon as I was diagnosed I felt as if I couldn't eat anything like a normal person. In some cases this is very true. I can't simply go to Dairy Queen as much as I did last summer because that is just too many carbs; however, having a Dairy Queen blizzard isn't off the menu.

Here I am talking about blizzards when I should be talking about pumpkin pie. I look at it this way, how many people eat so much on Thanksgiving that they have to undo their pants or find themselves rushing to hit the treadmill. I know at least that I won't have to worry about that because instead of eating half the pie I can fulfill myself with a sliver.

I really am excited to come home for Thanksgiving. I don't think it is about coming home because I have been coming home for the past couple weekends, but I believe it's about the fact that I really enjoy spending time with my family more than ever. I really learned the importance of family through diabetes and that is a very special gift.

I often feel like we don't realize how important grandparents are. I really wish that there were more opportunities in my life to spend with my grandparents but my life is very busy. I feel like not only grandparents but older generations have absolutely amazing stories to tell and things that we can learn from. I love asking about my Great-Grandpa who lived with type 2 diabetes but was insulin dependent. I wish I could have talked to him about diabetes.

I think diabetes taught me how to listen and most of all be thankful. I understand thanksgiving this year more than ever. There are so many things that I am thankful for but during this weekend I will figure out more and more things, I believe. I want to take this weekend as an opportunity to learn more, respect and remember.

I know counting carbs is not going to be the only difference this Thanksgiving.


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