Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As my roommates and I worked out last night I noticed a small lump on my stomach. Unlike nothing I'd ever seen before I was pretty worried about what it could be. I let my roommates feel it, to see if there actually was a lump or if i was just imagining such things.

The lump encircled by white also had a red dot in the middle. I assumed this was where I last gave myself insulin at supper time or maybe even before that at lunch or breakfast. Either way I knew that this lump had something to do with my diabetes.

After looking at it in several different ways, feeling it and wondering why it wouldn't go away I decided to do what I always do when I need help, I went on Facebook and looked for the first diabetic that was online. The first person I spotted was Chelsea. Chelsea has helped me before and various situations and I was glad she was online to help me stay calm.

She reassured me that the lump is most likely an, 'insulin lump.' The medical term is, lipohypertrophy. Lipohypertrophy can delay the absorption of insulin and cause low blood sugars. It all made sense why my sugars were all under 5.5 yesterday. I thought I cured diabetes every time I checked my sugar and it was perfect. I was told just to massage the area and that would help.

I have to admit though, the lump scared me. I have tons of bruises but never have I had a lump appear on my stomach. The important thing that I need to remember is rotating injections sites, even though I do this often, the odd time I may do it around the same spot just out of comfort.

I am so thankful to have my own little diabetic army. People who are there to listen and give me feedback and answers. Without having them I would be lost and confused.


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