Friday, October 30, 2009


Last night I headed back home to Brantford one day earlier than planned. The reason, I had a huge headache and I could barely concentrate on anything but the pain. After leaving the lecture hall at 3 p.m I felt weak and extremely tired, I even closed my eyes while I walked down the narrow hall of residence. When I walked up the four stories, I collapsed onto my bed.

I wasn't unconscious. I just felt extremely weak and the pain across my forehead was almost unbearable. My instant thought was that I wanted to go home. I don't know how this occurred but I do know some facts.

That day, like every Thursday I picked something up from the Caf to eat for lunch. This time a roast beef wrap and a parfait. After checking my sugar, 6.2 and then getting out my insulin I realized the needle wasn't going on right. Only to see that the needle was defected and that was my only needle. I knew there wasn't time to run back to residence and to my room to get a needle so I bit the bullet and ate without insulin. My class was only an hour and soon as I got home I'd take some insulin depending on my sugar.

After an hour of discomfort and even more as it progressed I knew that I had to get to my room a.s.a.p. My sugar was only 12 but like I said, I felt horrible. I took four units, not even two hours later I took another four units to eat supper.

Around six o'clock, Dad came to pick me up. I felt a lot better and the headache was simmering down, but I knew I needed rest, and I will not lie, if you're looking for a quiet good nights sleep, don't expect to find that at Fanshawe. Once I got home I did a couple things and then checked my sugar. I felt giddy and strange, I knew something was off balance.

21.8 was my sugar. twenty-one decimal eight. I hadn't been that high since being diagnosed March 13th. To me, at the moment it wasn't scary because my sugar was so high I was a little uncoordinated and rather excited. I even dialed insulin for correction, 8 units and fired it at my mom rather than in my stomach.

Approximately two hours after my sugar was 12.4 then about nine hours later when I woke up but sugar was 6.4, back to normal. Although this all happened so fast and my sugar was all over the map, I am glad that I knew to come home.Even though there will be times when I can't come home when I don't feel well, I knew that I was able to come and it made it a lot easier to rest and figure out my blood sugars.

As far as the defected needle which I've found numerous ones in the past two boxes, I will be writing to the company. I don't think that, that should be happening as often as it seems to be.


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