Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Best Prize

As many people know I was a nominee for Brantford's Search for the Greatest Kids. It was a honor to be chosen considering hundreds of other people were in the running. All the nominees surrounded by their family and friends gathered today at the Polish Hall in Brantford.

It was a celebration. I felt honoured to be against some people that really spend so much time and energy into making a difference. Some of these children, only six years old have put so much heart and dedication into making a change, it's unbelievable.

Although I did not receive the $500 grand prize in my Against the Odds category I am proud that I even got the chance to be a part of this. I received two certificates however, from Parliament and the Expositor and those mean a lot to me and I will always treasure them.

I learned something really important today. There shouldn't be an excuse not to do something. After meeting a numerous amount of people today with all different types of obstacles and challenges this is proven. No matter what your struggles are, you should be strong and never give up.

Today was a celebration of hope. The prize was being able to share my story and inspire those around me and that's the best prize of all.


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