Tuesday, October 20, 2009

People Out There

Since starting Helping Hands, I have collected sixteen total hands and have 84 members. I am excited to check every day who has uploaded a picture and what they thought of. To me, it's amazing to see the effort and thought that people put into this. Some of them have only met me a few times, while others have never met me before. Of course there are those who know me very well, but it's amazing to see people come together to support not only me but many other people living with diabetes.

I realize that what I am doing is not collecting money towards diabetes, like the walk to cure diabetes; however, I believe it's going to bring us closer to a cure. We all need to stick together and I think this is an awesome way to do so. It's absolutely amazing!

I am hoping that this is being recognized, that people are catching on and wanting to participate. I hope to collect over 100 hands, I don't care how long it takes me. To me, just looking at the hands I find comfort. It's strange but seeing the hands flash before me, reminds me that there are people out there. Helping hands.


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