Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Ashamed

What is type one diabetes?

I think that a lot of people don't know the real differences of type one compared to type two. A lot of people assume that type one is exactly like type two diabetes when in reality they are much different in many different ways.

It's so strange. In high school I graduated after four years but decided to go back for one more year for just one more class. I choose to enroll in data management and I recall one project being on type two diabetes. When I think back to then, approximately one year ago when I was in that class, I didn't even recognize that there were two different types of diabetes. I don't even recall being really involved in the project, I can remember doing the assignment but not really focusing on the topic. I'm ashamed.

I know that to someone who has no connection to diabetes, he or she is not likely going to care about the disease. How could I; however, not have any interest when my Grandmother, Grandfather and two of my uncles are living with type two diabetes?

I believe I read somewhere every ten seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes. Count to ten.

It may be a child, a teenager, an adult, or you. How can we disconnect our hearts to something that is so rapid and real. Something that is happening so often and to people of every single age. How is it that certain diseases get more attention when in reality people are suffering, hurting and dying from many diseases.

I look back now to the student I was a year ago. I didn't look at the statistics of type two diabetes and think, wow. I just went through the methods, equations in order to receive a sufficient mark to pass.

Is it possible to touch people who aren't effected by a disease in any way? Can I hold out my hand to those who think type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the same, and teach them the differences?

It's not about the products that a foundation puts out there. It's beyond the money we collect in order to find a cure, there is so much more to these diseases. Why can't we associate breast cancer not by the pink ribbon a grandmother wears on her sleeve but with the beautiful face of survivor.

Let's put reality to these diseases. Let's learn more about what the differences are and what people are living with.


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