Sunday, October 11, 2009


With only one more thanksgiving event to attend I think I can officially say that I can handle being diabetic on thanksgiving. It is a lot easier than imagined especially now that I have had diabetes for almost seven months.

Despite having a blood sugar of nineteen before dinner I managed to have pumpkin pie, brownies, mash potatoes, marshmallow salad, stuffing and turkey. I had to take many, many extra shots of insulin but for the occasion I knew it wouldn't hurt.

My Grandpa, who is a type two diabetic thought it was crazy that my sugar was nineteen, my Aunt even questioned if he asked me my age or my blood glucose. Unfortunately nineteen was the answer to both questions at that moment and I knew exactly why.

Earlier in the day my sugar was extremely low. My body was shaking and I was being stubborn and tried to make it go away with ketchup chips. After that didn't work I moved on to lemon loaf, then regular pop until finally after almost 45 minutes of playing around I felt normal and raised my sugar to 5.5. Unfortunately although that helped bring my sugar up to a decent amount it finally all sunk in and raised me to a crazy 18.9. That night it went back down.

Sometimes I feel like I can't seem to stop the shaking. I feel like I can't make a choice and the more my mom yells at me, "eat honey!" I can't decide. Diabetics and others tell me what to do to raise it but when I am low I am in no mood to listen to anyone or recall what people say to do. I just want to do what I feel like.

It's not easy having low blood sugars and it's not easy having high sugars but I find ways to deal with them.


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