Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inspiration Called

Just when I called upon quick inspiration I received it in the mail. I knew there was something waiting for me back at home, but wasn't sure exactly what. Clinton brought it to be Saturday morning and I was very excited to open it.

A card written to me from my grade seven teacher, Ms. McLean. It was a congratulations card with a wonderful message inside letting me know how impressed and moved she was after reading the Brantford Expositor about me. When reading this, I felt great. I was happy that she recognized me and took the time to personally write me a card. I really felt a sense of accomplishment and instantly knew that I was on the right track for sure.

It takes something as simple as a card, a comment or email to make me feel the change. As funny as it is, I'm happy how easily I can be inspired. I will continue what I love to do, I will chase my dream till the end and I am excited for what's to come.


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