Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Helping Hands

I am always looking to do more. I believe that if I knew anything about science I would be spending my time in my room finding a cure. However I know nothing about science therefore I focus on the cure to emotional stress that diabetes brings.

Personally I believe that if we work together we can help one another get better. Diabetic or not we all can work together. If we all take what we know and work together it can only bring good. I may be dreaming but there is nothing wrong with that.

I guess it started with the blogs. I just feel like even though all I am doing is writing about my day or my philosophies in some way I am helping someone out there. With each blog I write, I seriously think about individuals, people I've met and people I haven't met yet.

I get messages from people that really touch me and inspire me to do more. One girl sent me a message noting that she found my blog and she at first felt like she was the only diabetic out there. She wrote, "Your blog helps so much!!!!!!!!" If I can bring strangers together as one, isn't that what the world needs?

I started something new however, of course I am always looking for new opportunities. I was looking at the One Touch website and found a really neat idea that they do for U.S residents only. A simple word, phrase or name on the palm of your hand that relates to diabetes. They collected hundreds from all over America. I loved this idea.

Of course being Canadian I was not allowed to post my hand on their website. I know for a fact diabetics don't only reside in the U.S so I started my own. Of course it's just for fun but I am starting to get more meaning out of it as more and more pictures are being uploaded.

So far there are fifty plus members in my group on Facebook called, Helping Hands. I have collected five hands with very powerful and meaningful messages and I am looking forward to seeing more.

I love checking up on the group and seeing the uploaded photos. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, bringing total strangers together for one cause, diabetes.

I feel like Helping Hands is an awesome opportunity for the community to be aware of diabetes and for people to understand the disease and the faces behind it. I feel good about this project.



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