Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'A' Positive

Today it really sank in how different diabetes makes me from the general population. There are just some things that as diabetics we cannot do. I hadn't come across one until now and that was donating blood.

I had no intentions on donating blood; however, I was curious to know my blood type. Today out front the bookstore at Fanshawe the Canadian Blood Services were taking blood samples and letting people know their type. I had a feeling being a diabetic was going to conflict with the situation some how I wasn't sure how though.

The girl went before me, she made a comment as they poked her finger for blood that this was exactly what diabetics had to do. Knowing first hand how truthful her statement was I smiled. She predictably said ouch when the needle went into her middle finger and was eager to get a small band aid on it.

When it was my turn, I let them know I was diabetic. The lady immediately let me know I cannot give blood. Apparently a diabetic who isn't on insulin and controls their blood sugars with diet can give blood but those who give themselves insulin cannot. The reason for this is because insulin in the blood stream can cause harm to people without diabetes since they already have their own self producing insulin.

Luckily my blood type is the second most common blood type, A positive; therefore my blood type isn't in demand. It really made me think though, a the whole idea of donating blood cannot be an option for me.

It's okay with me but it makes me wonder if I will come across more things that do not allow diabetics to participate.


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