Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Big Step

I've been handed an amazing opportunity that I am so honoured to be even considered for. I never thought in a million years something as simple as writing a blog would change my life so drastically.

How happy and fortunate can I be about how things have worked out for me?

A Fanshawe student, Melanie Baker has asked me to be apart of a health awareness event in one of the residence buildings. Melanie is a resident advisor and has proposed many different opportunities to me. I couldn't be anymore thankful.

I had supper with Melanie today and we had a great conversation. It was nice to know how my blogs have been beneficial to her and how well she understands my thinking and point of view. She is really a very inspiring woman who also taught me a lot about not only other disease but life in general. I am looking forward to working with her more.

Next Wednesday I will speak in front of a group of people that are interested in health awareness. Clinque will also be apart of this event. What Melanie would like me to do, is to express how diabetes has effected my life. She encourages me to help people understand that this disease can happen to anyone at anytime.

I really feel like, this is an amazing opportunity for me. I am looking forward to Wednesday but I also am nervous about how well I can express my passion to a group of people. I believe that this is going to cause a change, this is a big step in the right direction.


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