Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In class, I don't worry about my diabetes. I try not to let the little worries that my diabetes can bring effect my school work. Stress is such a huge factor in diabetes. I know that if I stress myself out, my sugar is bound to react. My body knows with every step I take it is going to effect my blood sugar.

Chloe Steepe gave me some helpful hints of why my blood sugars might become higher while I am in school. They all interested me and I kept them known in the back of my head just in case I ever wonder why my sugar is 14 when I barely ate any lunch and I went up and down the residence stairs several times. I find that little things effect my sugar, a couple sits ups, jumping jacks etc. Chloe taught me that.

I also realized that sitting for a long period of time effects my diabetes too. My feet feel numb, my sugar lowers and I feel tired and 'out of it.' I have learned to wiggle my feet, tap my foot against the cold ground without my shoes on and relax my body. I keep snacks on me at all times water as well. Remind myself that I am allowed to leave the room if I feel faint,sick or need something. My teachers are aware of my disease.

I won't let diabetes effect my progression in school. I can succeed while living with diabetes. I have the motivation and drive to do well.


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