Friday, September 18, 2009


I have noticed that my worries about diabetes aren't as huge as I thought of them before. Going into college I had so many worries about what it was going to be like, how people would accept me and how I was ever going to manage.

I realize that it has only been two weeks of college but the transition from home to college as been rather smooth thus far. I am learning each day what works and what doesn't work as far as managing my diabetes. Overall I have had better blood glucose levels in London than in Brantford.

Not only does this experience teach me that I can manage diabetes in school but it also teaches me that I can manage diabetes on my own. I know that I do need people to be there when I am unable to help myself but I do know now that in everyday life I can deal with this disease.

I think the biggest thing to understand before attending college is that you have to know that you are prepared. Once you know that you are prepared the worry fades and you realize that you're going to be o.k.

Preparation is key.


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