Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take What You Get

Where I was before in life is nothing compared to now.

I was tired, bored and confused, I am alive, interested and inspired.

I was scared and timid, I am unafraid and brave.

I want to reach a goal. I am ready to go beyond my potential and show people living with a life changing disease that anything is possible. I realize that we all have limitations. Things that stand in our way and cause us to re calculate but I want to prove that there is a way to go beyond.

Most people know about my ambition to become an elementary school teacher. Ever since kindergarten when they asked you what you wanted to be, I was determined to be a teacher. Of course throughout time I've changed my answer a couple times but deep down inside I knew that teaching was my passion. Education was my calling.

I am attending Fanshawe College in order to pursue my dream however when I heard about being able to attend a University in Australia for teaching I was all for it. When I think back to last year, this option would have been a laughing matter. Australia, 15 000 km away from home. But this time the idea of going away as an international student really caught my interest.

Diabetes has really opened my eyes to new options. I feel as if we may take this life for granted. We don't realize how fast life passes us by. Those who seek the simple way out aren't usually satisfied with their results. I want to know that I have lived my life to my full potential when my time is up. I want to know that I made an impact. I changed lives.

A disease doesn't have to hit you in order for you to feel this way. At least I hope not. Although diabetes changed my perception on life hopefully many others can learn this on their own. I feel like the opportunities that are given to us are absolutely amazing. Take what you get and make something of it before the chance is gone.


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