Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Forget

I really wondered what it would be like dealing with diabetes in a classroom setting. However I put so much focus on what it was going to be like living with diabetes on residence and how to tell my roommates and peers that I truly forgot what diabetes is all about.

As a diabetic I have specific routines that I have just gotten used to. Although I have never lived with diabetes during a school year I thought that it wouldn't be that big of a challenge. I experienced first hand what diabetes in a classroom was like and it really gave me a wake up call like, "hey don't forget about me."

I was writing my first quiz and all of a sudden I knew that something was not right. I felt rushed and I was shaking. I knew that my sugar was going low however I also knew that this was my first quiz and it was timed. I was almost done and knew that if I focused hard enough I could make this possible and finish the quiz. I did finish the quiz with a 90% but learned a lesson much harder than the test. Don't forget.

It's so easy to think that nothing can happen, that you may have diabetes under control but at any time or place your sugar could decide to change. I don't know why my sugar did this to me, considering I had just had lunch but it happened and as soon as I finished the quiz I dealt with it.

It's a scary thought but it's something that I am learning from and I always will be learning from. As time goes on there will be days that I write how hard of a time I had, or what I hate about having this disease but in the end I accept it and if anything this hardship and pain that I go through will give me the strength and drive to find a cure.


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