Monday, September 14, 2009

The Little Voice

Sometimes it's easy to forget. It happens all the time, we leave our house in a hurry and forget our debit card or in my case I forget that I have to check my sugar and give myself a needle before eating.

It truly is a part of my routine now. I usually don't forget I have diabetes but there are times when I begin to eat a piece of toast without even thinking about going through my regular routine. I noticed that this usually happens when I am with a group of friends or at some one's house for dinner. I think that because it is still new to me, and no one else around me is doing it, I just don't think of it.

Truth is, it sucks having to do these things when everyone else is munching down on their french fries or chicken burgers but I can't let myself forget. There is always a little voice in my head that reminds me check your sugar and give yourself insulin. It's strange being different now. For most of my life I have been like everybody else, I could eat a candy apple on Halloween, share a bag of chips with the girls and drink regular pop like it was water but now my life has changed and I must not forget that.


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