Monday, September 28, 2009

Catch Up

When you see a friend or family member for the first time in a long time there is so much to catch up on. We tend to catch up on how our families are doing, what we've been up too, possibly how school is going or work but one thing we hate to update on is our bad luck, possibly a car accident, a disease or illness that has touched our lives.

Most if not all of my friends and family members are very aware of my diabetes. I was diagnosed on March 13th 2009 and from then on most people are aware of what I've been up too and what has happened since then.

One person that I was looking forward to seeing this year was a man named Dick. Dick is a huge fan of the Milton Icehawks, (Clinton's hockey team.) He has been attending the games in Milton since 1964 and sits in the very same spot every single time, much like I do. Since I began watching Clinton's games in October 2008 I have always sat in front of Dick, and over time, him and I became very close friends. Despite Dick being a senior we related to one another and always had interesting things to tell one another. After the Milton Icehawks were finished in February I hadn't gotten to see Dick since yesterday.

Since the last time I saw him, I didn't have diabetes. I didn't care about diabetes or know about the disease. Now I am full of knowledge and have expanded not only my knowledge about the disease but about life in general. I've seen the world in a different light. I got to express this to him, as he pointed to my metre as I checked my blood and said, "Is that diabetes?" Of course I gave him the whole blurb and I was very surprised he didn't know much at all about diabetes, in fact one of the comments he made was, "You're so tiny, how did you get it? I thought big people got that?" as he widened his hands indicating obesity.

I think that I may have taught him a lot at that hockey game last night. He was very shocked about my diagnosis but wished me the best. Dick was rather upset that I may not make him anymore baked goods but I promised that I would. After all diabetes didn't change the fact that I love sweets and baking.

For many it's hard to tell someone that they haven't seen in awhile that bad luck has snuck their way. But for me, diabetes has made me a stronger person and I'm proud to say, I am a type 1 diabetic.


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