Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here's To You

Here's to you.

The person who listens, guides me and gives me strength. Here's to you for being my inspiration and loyalty. It's not easy being me, nor easy being you but we fit.

I think that in our lives we all find people that make us feel special. It's said around the whole entire world, we find our true love, or someone that we know we can trust in. There are many people in my life that I truly love and know that I can trust with all my heart, that includes my mother, aunts and close friends but there is one person that has taught me a lot about the human heart.

I guess it suddenly hit me today even though I do think about it all the time. How lucky am I to have someone who is willing to go out of their way to help me. After being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes I discovered a lot of love from many of the people around me. I was more reassured after being diagnosed that those people were in it for the long run.

I trust that it's common for love ones to come closer as a family in times of heartache but the idea of staying strong once the heartache has decreased is the true test.

It's easy to leave someone behind. It's easy to forget that you had a connection with someone, realize they need a little too much than you're wanting to offer and leave. I understand that fully. But I don't think it's right.

People don't realize that bad things happen. Unless you are put into a situation we tend to forget that bad things can happen to us, we aren't free of disease, pain, suffering, it's out there. We all like to think that the one we love would be the first one at your side in the hospital.

For me, this was true. Clinton really stepped up, after only being my boyfriend of five months he visited me every single day, pushing the time restraints that the hospital set out. He truly was there by my side and for that I am grateful. Among many other people that visited me, I really have a great understanding for the human heart. People may not come to the hospital because it makes them feel uncomfortable but many people do their best to express their concern and just give you the outlet to come and talk to them if needed.

It's probably strange that it took me six months to really think about the whole situation in that context. But with time and hearing about other people's relationships I realized that what Clinton and I have been through really has set us apart from many other young couples out there. For someone at age seventeen at the time to take the time to learn about a disease, be patient and give me strength and words of wisdom, is just amazing in my eyes.

Here's to you. For always being there for me. Giving me strength and courage and showing me that anything is possible. Here's to you.


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