Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Class Time

Our first classes began today and I was so excited to finally know what it was like. Since high school promises you that you won't be called by your name anymore, you will simply be a number, I found it hard to wrap my head around what it was going to be like. I was always so close to my teachers and felt comfort in them knowing that I could ask them for help or approach them at any time.

It was nothing like what we were preached at in high school. I realize some classes are different but my classes were super welcoming and it really made me feel better about the whole situation and transition. My teachers were greeting us with smiles and made us aware that they would remember our names by the end of the week.

I knew that coming into college I wanted to make the teachers aware of my disease. I wasn't sure how to go about telling them or when I should tell them but I knew that for my own safety and just for the general safety of the classroom I wanted her to know that I was dealing with a serious disease.

It's not like the classes are super long that something could really come into harms way but there is that chance that I could faint, act strange or need to have a snack immediately. It was so easy to just wait after class for a quick minute and quickly let them know that I have Juvenile Diabetes. Being the smart people they are, they seemed to know exactly what that entails and therefore it was just a brief, "I've got diabetes, I may need to have a snack, check my sugar or leave the class."

It's so important that the awkwardness about having a disease is broken. It's best if people understand that you are dealing with something serious but it isn't going to change anything. There is nothing wrong with living a different way and going through different life experiences as others. People are so accepting of it. Although there may rules such as no food or no bags, your health isn't going to be forgotten.


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