Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Person Behind the Disease

Perhaps I came across as if I didn't understand why people don't ask questions. I realize that there are many reasons why people don't ask questions. I, of course have a bias because I am living the life as a diabetic and therefore know first hand what it is like and what I prefer. But many diabetics let alone other people are not like me and I understand that. Some diabetics prefer not to even disclose that they are diabetic. Some rather just live out the disease without actually giving it thought and making choices based on their medical situation. However on the other hand I love exploring my diabetes and the options that it brings me.

Besides the 'material' things that having diabetes has given me such as tickets to a George Canyon show, an IPod, and many other things there are many things that have been given to me that are things that I would have never received or experienced if it wasn't for me embracing my diabetes.

I understand that when the word diabetes comes up people ultimately think of a disease that relates to sugar, eating, carbohydrates and the pancreas but what is diabetes really about?

We may think we know about a disease but it is the person that really defines the disease that they are living with. For example Cancer is a horrible disease it effects so many people but it effects so many people in so many ways. A cancer patient can say, yes it's horrible but I embrace it. I have strength and I am beautiful, while another cancer patient could tell you that cancer is the worst and that they don't deserve it and it makes them feel horrible and forget who they truly are.

In my last note I was sincerely trying to teach people that we may know about a disease and know that any disease is 'horrible' but we just need to think about the person behind that disease. If you ask a question, admire their inspiration, show them respect they're likely not going to ignore you or make you feel as if you have done something wrong. We all have stories of triumph, inspiration and strength and we can learn from one another.


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