Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friendship & Family

Something that became more important in my life after being diagnosed was friendship and family. Of course I always cherished my friends and family and respected them, honoured them and trusted in them but after becoming diabetic it really has changed my views on these special people in my life.

I don't believe you can ever have too many friends. I realize that there will be friends in your life that aren't going to be the type you would confide in. But all friends have a purpose in your life and have really had an impact on the person you are today believe it or not. I now have found a new appreciate for those people in my life simply because without friends, I know I would not be happy.

I regret in high school not speaking up, not taking the first step by saying hello and not getting to know my fellow classmates but that just wasn't how I was back then. I realize that people may have walked all over me in high school, thought I was really nothing special but I do know that the people that I did become friends with truly meant a lot in my life and still do.

Moving away to a new city and school is going to give me a better opportunity to be the person that I am today. I do not fight back to speak up, I won't let anyone walk all over me and I will not place limits on the amount of people that I could possibly meet while I'm there. I am open for change, new ideas and memories.

As far as family goes, I really have realized the importance of staying in touch. I have really come close to my Aunt Lisa who is probably reading this write now thinking, "she said my name!" I feel like with her I can say whatever I want and know that she is going to be thinking positive about any situation that I may bring to her. Of course there are many other family members in my life that have shown me such support and understanding and they all have impacted me in so many different ways.

I think the biggest thing for people to know is that it can feel like there is no one supporting you sometimes are that you're alone but no matter where you go there will be someone there to support you. Friends and family are the best gift in life that you will ever receive and that is what we need to learn to take pride in. Making phone calls may seem silly sometimes or writing a one paragraph email to your friend back home but in the end that call or email will mean so much to the person receiving it.


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