Sunday, September 20, 2009

Over 100 Blogs

I've officially wrote over 100 blogs. Although I've had diabetes for 191 days I have managed to capture 100 days of living with diabetes. It's strange how things come about, how my passion for writing merged with my passion for diabetes creating something that could quiet possibly change a lot of people's lives.

For me, it's hard to explain my blogs to my peers and people that I meet, because I don't think that blogging is something people truly appreciate. I understand that 'blogging' isn't exactly what most people enjoy doing or reading but for those who have something to share with meaning and passion, blogging is an excellent opportunity.

It started with me posting updates on Facebook. I would update a note every day just explaining what was going on. In a way it was my way of figuring out what was going on. It seems like I would be doing a million things at once during the day and trying to sort out all my new information was impossible. The computer allowed me to express my feelings.

After a month of blogging I realized the responses were so positive and encouraging. As I write these blogs I learn a lot about myself. These thoughts that flood my mind about living with diabetes some how disappear from my mind once I write to the public. This is like medication to me.

The appreciation I have for those who dedicate their time to reading my blogs is tremendous. I don't know how interesting these are to the public, I know that I find my stories interesting because I live out these days but people that are willing to listen and really learn from my writing are very important to me.

Over 100 blogs later and I feel confident in knowing that I am on my way to making a difference. Giving hope to those who are battling with diabetes and people who never dared to push the limits. Over 100 blogs later and I am proud.


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