Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Different Outlook

Through listening to what my teachers have had to say thus far in my courses I am learning a lot about who I want to be and what my intentions are as far as my blogs. I know that it's strange to relate my blogs to a human relations class or even to a class about deviance but I sincerely want to learn more about different aspects of life and how I can use the information not only to advance myself in education but also to improve my life.

What really caught my attention was in human relations when we discussed how different things in our lives change our perspective of people and life in general. I can really relate this to diabetes because I truly know how it feels to have a situation in your life happen and have your whole idea on life change up side down.

I've learned through diabetes to just give others a chance. I want to hear about what you did on your weekend, or where you are going because I want to know more about you and possibly learn something from your experiences and relate them to mine. I think that we are all walking around with more knowledge than we give ourselves credit for. We need to share our stories and thoughts so that we all can expand our views.

My classes although will become demanding, frustrating or hard at times will always be looked at as very important. After being diagnosed I am thankful that I have a different outlook on life unlike most people. This gives me the chance to take more from just a text book or lecture, I can now apply it to my life.


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