Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Start

New years is a time when everyone feels like they have a new beginning to work with. For me, I have always found the first day of school in September to be a fresh start, a time when you're super motivated to read all the text books and study hard. I have been thinking hard as to what I want for 2013 - of course the cliche thing to say would be to lose weight, and the cliche diabetic thing to say would be to check my blood sugar more or improve my a1c - but I've truly thought hard about what I want to work towards in 2013. 

Of course I want all the cliche things, but beyond that I want to blog more, give thanks more, smile more and do more.  I want to think of every single day as it's own chapter and work hard at learning more lessons in life and enjoying the time I have to myself and enjoying the time I have with friends and family.  It's incredibly easy to stress, especially with diabetes since that seems to get in the way often.     

I had an incredible year in 2012, blogging the most with 190 posts, having several chances to share my story via newspaper, radio and T.V and I created a type 1 diabetes meme page that has been incredibly successful.  I can only hope that 2013 will be just as bright and exciting.   I want to give more back this year, show how grateful I am for everyone that has helped me along this journey.