Friday, January 25, 2013

Up Hill

Yesterday in Poetics we read a poem called Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti.  To be honest, I am not that great at picking apart poems and finding hidden meanings.  I often find myself drawings things from it that are more of that obvious content then anything else.   However, poetry is something that can be whatever you make it I suppose and after reading one of our readings, Up- Hill yesterday I instantly connected the first stanza to diabetes. 

"Does the road wind up-hill all the way?
   Yes, to the very end.
Will the day’s journey take the whole long day?
   From morn to night, my friend." 

I took from this that diabetes is an up hill battle. Not only up hill, but twisting and turning and a battle that the end isn’t something that you can see. It’s a disease that is unpredictable and hard to manage at times.  Troublesome for those that are trying to accomplish goals whether that be a fitness goal or something like trying to have a baby.

I also related this to diabetes because it does take the whole day plus more. Diabetes is time consuming and takes patience, yet the goals we aim for seem endless even when we start reaching them. Feeling the reward can also be difficult even when you know you’ve done everything you can.

This poem that was discussed in class was more about the relationship to God and getting into Heaven.  But, I saw something much different – my own personal inspiration that, yes, the road is up hill, long, winding and tiresome, but don’t give up.

To read the full poem visit: Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti



  1. I write poetry and I agree with you Kayla. Everyone will find their own meaning. I mean unless you personally know the poet, or someone has papers where the poet has written what they were thinking about when they wrote a poem, how does anyone know what the poet was thinking about.

    I have one poem I wrote that has 16 different meanings! I just wrote it, I had nothing in mind when I wrote it but nobody believes me. A college teacher told me it was about PMS!!!

    Did you tell your class that you didn't think the poet was talking about God but diabetes?

  2. I never mentioned about diabetes, for the sake of time in class - but maybe I should have! My professor for that class told me that she reads my blog, so maybe she will read this post! :D